Sunday, May 24, 2009

My little boy has graduated from Kindergarten. 1st grade look out!!! He looked so handsome in his cap and gown. The ceremony was really nice with lots of songs and beautiful, well dressed children. Olivia was excited to watch all the little girls walk across the stage and ooh and ahhhh over their cute little shoes and dresses. I commented that it was almost like a miniature fashion show. We celebrated at Pizza Inn with lots of family and friends before graduation to wish our Kindergartener good luck. We are so proud of all Riley as accomplished. Thanks Ms. Sullivan for a great year!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bryton and Talon came and spent the day with Miley and I on Thursday. They have never really spent much time at our house so they were in heaven with all the "new to them" toys. They were exceptionally good and Miley had alot of fun playing cars with them. I never did get them to take a nap, they were wound up the whole time. The stairs were not much of a problem since we have gates now, but getting them all 3 up and down them was a challenge. Love you guys!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Day with my Niece

Emma came and spent the night with us last Tuesday. We don't get to spend much time with her now that she is in daycare. Miley really enjoyed playing with another girl. She got a little aggrevated with Emma wanting to lead her around by her hand all day but overall she was open to anything Emma wanted to do. All day she kept watching for the bus and calling out for Riley so I walked her to the end of the road so she could "see" him get off the bus. I've never seen her so excited (missed out on the picture because a car was coming and I had ahold of Emma and Miley and was yelling at Pyper (our dog) to get out of the road). I did manage to get a sweet picture of them walking home after we were safely back in our driveway. As most of you know, I kept Emma 5 days a week until she was 2 1/2 so her and Riley are really close. I can't believe sometimes that she is 4 now. We miss her being with us everyday.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Riley's New Haircut

OK, I'm tired of trying to fix Riley's hair all the time. It's almost summer time/ball season so I decided to get it buzzed. He DID NOT want his hair cut short but after it was all done he really likes it. He can't keep his hands off it. He's excited for me to SPIKE IT UP for school tomorrow. I have to admit, I like it too. I was always hesitant to cut it too short in hopes that his curls would reappear but I'm just going to have to face the facts that the curls are gone for good. He still has gorgeous black hair which always draws compliments everywhere we go.

Spring Pictures

I took the kids in for last minute spring photos last night at Sears. They turned out pretty well considering we were there for only 30 minutes. Quickest photo shoot I've ever had!!! I was out of the house all day working at my Mom's rent house in Bay so I didn't have time to really plan out a wardrobe for the kids. The only clean short sleeved shirt Riley had was my least favorite one he owns. It's bright yellow with bright blue stripes. I was thinking, "how am I going to match Miley to THIS." I found a jumper I actually bought for Miley because it was "boyish" looking and it worked out perfect. Thank You Popsicles!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Ok, I'm sorry. I did it - I joined facebook and got hooked and then didn't seem to have the time to keep up with my blog. We'll that time is over (for tonight anyway). So much has happened since my last post. It has been a very busy year so far for my family and I. My youngest sister got married on February 28th and then a week later was in the hospital for 4 days. Stress beyone STRESS! She's better now and back home with her new husband. My other two sisters are doing well with their pregnancies, Jana is having another BOY! Jinger will find out at her next appointment. Jana and her family have sold their house and moved in with my MOM. We did alot of fixing up and painting to get them in there on time and now Jana and I and our hubbies are remodeling one of our MOMs rent houses in Bay.

Miley just had her 15 month shots last week and didn't do very well with them. She's still crankier than ever. She's also cutting 4 teeth so I guess I should give her a break. Riley has been good but started throwing up tonight. What a way to start off Spring Break. Most of you know from old post and from fb that I've had some dental problems. Well, hopefully they are gone. I had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted on Friday and I'm recovering well from that. I'm pretty bruised on the side with the stitches but other than that things are pretty good. Curtis has been absolutely wonderful taking care of me and the kids. I have no complaints so far except for the fact that I can't imagine throwing up with stitches in my mouth and a bruised face - please pray this one skips me by.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ok, I know I said no more pictures for awhile but I forgot about our scheduled Family pics with Pinkston Photography. We had to reschedule them from earlier because of Miley's allergice reaction that occured when our last pics were scheduled. For those of you who saw her pics I know you understand why we couldn't have family pictures made that week. Everything went well, Miley got tired and wouldn't cooperate towards the end but that's to be expected. We don't do this often so alot of pics were taken. I tried to narrow it down but on a few I just couldn't decide. I may need your opinions on which ones are the best before I make my final decision on ordering.

P.S. The song playing "Happy Together" was playing at our wedding as we exited the ceremony. I thought it was appropriate!